Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge introduces “The Packbridge Journey” a totally new and ground breaking concept. If you work with or use packaging this is the conference for you!

The Packbridge Journey is a totally new conference where you as visitor, speaker and exhibitor will be fully engaged, active, learn more and meet and share knowledge with other people. After two days you will acquire a lot of new knowledge about the packaging value chain and build a great new network. We promise!

Would you like to present and exhibit at Top Packaging Summit? Packbridge Members only: Read more about the possibilities here!

Would you like to exhibit at Top Packaging Summit? Read more about the possibilities here!

About ”The Packbridge Journey”

Over the years Packbridge has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of every part of the packaging value chain, therefore we have a good idea about what makes this industry tick. Now we want to share this experience and invite you to take a journey through each and every part of our network and learn more about the possibilities and latest innovations.

Meet the professionals who are working with these challenges every day and start connecting the dots. Probably you possess a vital piece of the puzzle.

Packbridge will also during the conference present the winner of - The Packaging Challenge


Early bird Tickets - March 20th to July 31th
- Early bird member - SEK 2495 for a two day ticket 
- Early bird non-member - SEK 3995 for a two day ticket
Late bird Tickets - Aug 1st to Sept 19th 
- Late bird member - SEK 3495 for a two day ticket
- Late bird non-member 4995 for a two day ticket
(Packbridge members receive a discount on the ticket)


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Packbridge is an international packaging cluster established in 2010. We are a neutral and non-profit network uniting all stakeholders in and around the entire packaging industry, i.e. producers, customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. We believe in sustainability and cooperation. We believe that the key to success lies in sharing knowledge. 

Moreover, we believe that in order to create innovations one must think differently, dare to go beyond existing boarders, challenge the reality, meet new people and open up to new ideas. The best way to facilitate creativity is to bring people with different skills together.